Planet Comics #12: Gwandanaland Comics

Planet Comics #12: Gwandanaland Comics

by Fiction House

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PLANET COMICS (1940-1954) – 73 EXCITING ISSUES The number of great writers an illustrators who worked on PLANET COMICS is a Who's Who of the Golden age: Matt Baker, Lou Fine, Will Eisner, George Tuska, Ingels, Hopper, Moriera, Briefer and many others contributed to one of the iconic comics of the era. PLANET COMICS was the home of many long-running characters and the proving ground for others --- nothing can take the place of PLANET COMICS, and so instead we're just bring you all 73 issues! NEW TITLES DAILY – FOR UPDATES AND CATALOG WRITE TO: SEARCHING ONLINE? BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE WORD “GWANDANALAND” TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE MOST COMPLETE COLLECTION, THE BEST QUALITY PAGES, AND THE BEST VALUE!




































Planet Comics 12 Gwandanaland Comics



Fiction House


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